Counting Hats with the Lopsided Lovász Local Lemma
In progress

Spanning Subgraph Isomorphism Using Cut Vertices
with Andrew Meier and Thomas Schuler
In progress

Connected Balanced Subgraphs in Random Regular Multigraphs Under the Configuration Model
with Linyuan Lu and László Székely
Journal of Combinatorial Mathematics and Combinatorial Computing 86, 2013

Quest for Negative Dependency Graphs
with Linyuan Lu and László Székely
Recent Advances in Harmonic Analysis and Applications (in honor of Konstantin Oskolkov), Springer Proceedings in Mathematics and Statistics 25, 2013, 243 – 258

Applications of Stirling Numbers Involving Chromatic Polynomials
with Thomas Porter
Journal of Combinatorial Mathematics and Combinatorial Computing 70, 2009, 57 – 64

Some Applications of Spanning Trees in K(s,t)
with Lane Clark and Thomas Porter
Journal of Combinatorial Mathematics and Combinatorial Computing 62, 2007, 139 – 146


Unpublished Work

Doctoral Dissertation (2013)

Negative Dependency Graphs in Spaces of Random Matchings (2011)

Master’s Thesis (2008)

Abstraction Techniques for Markov Decision Processes (2008)

A Survey of Zero-Knowledge Proofs with Applications to Cryptography (2007)

Quantum Computing in Complexity Theory and Theory of Computation (2007)



Mastery-Based Exams Are Self-Evidently Better Than Traditional Exams

The Probabilistic Method

Order from Chaos (Math Circle on Ramsey Numbers)

Lovász Local Lemma and Related

Beyond Infinity (The Uncountability of the Reals)


Student Presentations


Mathematics StackExchange Profile


Stirling Number Calculator

Images of Unlabeled Spanning Trees in Sage (by Andrew Meier)


Graduate Coursework

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Abstract Algebra

Computational Complexity

Discrete Geometry

Discrete Mathematics I

Discrete Mathematics II

Extremal Graph Theory

Galois Theory

General Topology I

General Topology II

Graph Theory I

Graph Theory II

Linear Algebra Methods in Combinatorics

Measure Theory

Priestley’s Representation Theorem

Probability Theory I

Probability Theory II

Set Theoretic Topology