Nebraska Wesleyan University
Math 1450Finite Math (Section 1 and 2)Fall 2015
Math 2600Calculus IIIFall 2015
Math 3950Independent Study in Graph TheoryFall 2015
Math 1100College AlgebraSpring 2015
Math 1610Calculus IISpring 2015
Math 3900Introduction to General TopologySpring 2015
Math 4980Senior Seminar: Introduction to CombinatoricsSpring 2015
Math 1450Finite Mathematics (Section 1 and 2)Fall 2014
Math 2600Calculus IIIFall 2014
Math 3600Mathematical Problem SolvingFall 2014
Math 010College AlgebraSummer 2014
Math 060Calculus for Management, Biological, and Social SciencesSpring 2014
Math 106Calculus IISpring 2014
Math 290Introduction to General TopologySpring 2014
Math 299Senior Seminar: Introduction to CombinatoricsSpring 2014
Math 060Calculus for Management, Biological, and Social SciencesFall 2013
Math 106Calculus IIFall 2013
Math 204Calculus IIIFall 2013
University of South Carolina at Columbia
Math 574Discrete Mathematics ISummer 2012
Math 170Finite MathematicsSpring 2012
Math 221Mathematics for Elementary Educators IFall 2011
Math 141Calculus ISpring 2011
Math 222Mathematics for Elementary Educators IIFall 2010
Math 221Mathematics for Elementary Educators ISpring 2010
Math 115PrecalculusFall 2009
Math 111College AlgebraSummer 2009
Math 111iIntensive College AlgebraSpring 2009
Math 111College AlgebraFall 2008
North Carolina Governor's School
Area IRamsey TheorySummer 2013
Area IGraph TheorySummer 2011
Southern Illinois University at Carbondale
Math 108College AlgebraSpring 2008
Math 107Intermediate AlgebraFall 2007